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I am a tour by Nolcha Fox

guide to the world I’ve wandered. I can show you sunsets, flowers, coffee shops, where to find the deals on anything you’d ever want. Don’t ask me where I love to live. I never settle anywhere for long. Bio Nolcha Fox Nolcha’s poems have been curated in Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Alien Buddha Zine, Medusa’s Kitchen,... Leer más →

I feel Weepy Today by Barbara Leonhard

At long last, it is raining, though we were hoping for snow. Christmas has passed into a drive by the river. The fields are plowed, but the seeds must wait, as I do, for a better year. Congregations of red-winged blackbirds populate the trees like leaves. As I pass, the birds scatter, lifting up as... Leer más →

Frailty by Ken Gierke

Cold, her hand in mine, as I watch her fluttering eyes, barely register her shallow breaths. Shards of silence slice my heart, skewering all sense of security planted there in my youth. That I am seen as the strength to carry us through this end, her final season, makes it no easier. An occasional whimper... Leer más →

The Destination by Pauravi Abad

The noise of silence, Making peace with the turbulence of uncertainty ... The vision of blindness, Finding hope in the darkness of the sunlight ... The fear of inner strength, Empowering the weakened company of old memories ... The invisible commotion of stability, Retrieving the lost fragments of the soul that lose their form again... Leer más →

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